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      編輯:應蓉珊 來源:管理學院 時間:2019年05月24日 訪問次數:95  源地址

      Can Social Contacts Mitigate Loan Delinquency? A Field Experiment


       間:2019527(周一下午14:00 – 15:30

      地 點:浙江大學紫金港校區行政樓1004會議室

      主講人:盧向華 教授復旦大學

      主持人:陳熹 教授,浙江大學管理學院

      摘 要:

      Online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms have experienced rapid growth worldwide, enabling access to collateral-free, low-cost microloans in regions and customer segments that are underserved by formal credit systems and banking services. A key challenge in providing online P2P microloans is the cost of collecting delinquent loans. We study whether and how a platform can utilize social sanctions in regulating repayment behavior. In collaboration with a large online P2P lending platform, we conduct a randomized field experiment to investigate the effect of social sanctions casted by different contact groups (core-social circle vs peripheral-social circle). We demonstrate that notifying the social contacts of a delinquent regarding an overdue payment can significantly improve the repayment rate. On average, notification-triggered social sanctions reduce the default rate by 50% compared with the control group, in which notifications are sent only to the respective delinquent himself or herself. Further, our findings suggest that peripheral-circle notifications are effective only in the short term and that effectiveness decreases with repeated use. By contrast, core-circle notifications exert a lasting effect.



      盧向華,復旦大學,管理學院信息管理與信息系統系,教授,國家自然基金優秀青年基金項目獲得者。盧向華博士的研究方向是互聯網用戶的在線行為量化實證分析及運營機制設計,通過大數據分析與實地實驗等方法研究用戶個人層面的行為偏好與規律,測度用戶對不同市場干預機制或政策的響應效果。她在國內外高水平期刊上發表學術論文30余篇,包括Management Science, Information Systems Research, Journal of Marketing, Marketing science, Journal of MIS等。她目前已經作為負責人主持了5項國家自然基金項目,并獨立了完成了上海市哲學社科、上海市教育發展基金會晨光計劃等多項研究課題,負責完成了多項政府與企業橫向咨詢課題。